In life, only change is an unchanging phenomenon. So the man of understanding never clings to anything. Seeing that everything changes, there is no point in clinging. It is foolish, it is unintelligent; you create your own misery and then you condemn the whole world.

The world is not responsible. Nobody is responsible for your misery except your own unawareness; unawareness of the absolutely certain fact that life is constant change. Seeing it, one stops clinging. Then whatsoever comes, one watches, one remains a witness. One enjoys it while it is there. When a beautiful sunset is there, enjoy it, but don’t cling to it — it is not a photograph. Soon it will disappear, it is disappearing. While you are watching, it is disappearing. Soon the night will fall, but why be worried: the night has its own beauty the stars will appear. But the clinger is such a fool that he will try to cling to the beautiful sunset: he would like to remain static forever. It is good that what he asks for does not happen, other-wise we would have been bored by things. Life never listens to our stupid demands. It goes on its own way, undistracted by millions of fools calling it to stop: shouting, crying, weeping.

Life never listens to anybody because those fools don’t know what they are asking for — they will cry for the sunset because it is no longer there, and in that crying they will miss the newly appearing stars. By the time they get free of that misery and they start looking at the beautiful starry night, again the same foolishness is there. They start clinging to it, but it is fleeting, soon it will be gone. Otherwise the sunrise will not happen. They will again cry. Their eyes are always red and because of their tears they cannot see what is real. Then they will miss the beauty of the sunrise. And so on, so forth, it goes on.

The fool goes on missing everything. The wise man enjoys everything. He enjoys the day, he enjoys the night. He enjoys the summer, he enjoys the winter. He enjoys life, he enjoys death. He is a nonclinger; in nonclinging is bliss.