Even if you don’t believe in divination or psychic abilities, chances are you would have come across a tarot card reader spreading a deck of cards in order to predict another person’s future or provide insight into their past. 

So what is this deck, shrouded in mystery, made up of? 

Dr. Nonah Khanna, Master Healer & Tarot Card Reader, at Happy Ho told us that the deck can be divided into cards belonging to two major categories – Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The former ones (22 in number) provide insight into the larger events of our lives; they shed light onto an overall spiritual aspect. The latter ones (56 in number) provide insight into the smaller aspects of our lives, things that happen in our daily lives.  Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

She also told us that each card does have an assigned meaning to itself but the reading of the cards ultimately depends on the interpretation of the person in whose sight they are, basically the reader. And so different readers may interpret the same set of cards differently. 

As someone who has spread the deck for years now, Dr. Nonah truly believes in the power of these cards. Here are some benefits of the practice, as highlighted by her:

  • Clarity In Life: The client receives a deep level of clarity on things in life. And this newly found gift helps one develop a fresher perspective on matters. 
  • Focusing On Improvement Areas: Nobody is born perfect. No matter how successful, one always has areas which need some polishing. The cards tell the client what these areas are. And sometimes, they might surprise you by bringing your attention to areas you never thought existed.
  • Provide You With Confidence: By already giving you a taste of the coming times, the cards provide you with both a headstart and confidence to prepare yourself for the same. 
  • Validate Your Gut: Feeling overwhelmed by your mind constantly taking over your instinct or gut? The cards which work a lot on instinct themselves, might help you get your trust back on what the gut says. 

Happy Ho (Noida) envisions to be a leading name in Tarot card reading & training in Noida. With a set of targeted and dedicated services, the platform strives to build a long term relationship with the client, based primarily on loyalty and trust.

Apart from dedicated individual training programmes, you can also opt for mass healing training. With this, you get to be a part of social gatherings and let the magic flow through you, let the positive vibes surround you. This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of mass healing in a friendly and ambient environment.

Overall, the practice provides you with a rich insightful view of your own self and your surroundings. A simple positive card reading session at Happy Ho with Dr. Nonah herself will instill the much needed peace and perspective in your life. So hurry up! Book your session now to see what the cards have to say for you!