Religions pretend to enquire into the subjective world, the world of consciousness but it is a pretension because it starts with belief. Once you believe in a thing your enquiry is finished. You have already destroyed the question, you have killed the quest.
From belief you cannot move into investigation. Every inquiry, either objective or subjective, needs an open mind – and doubt gives you that tremendous quality of an open mind. And remember, because there is possibility to be confused – doubt does not mean disbelief,  because disbelief is again belief standing on its head. Karl Marx and his followers, the communists, say there is no God. This is their belief. Neither Karl Marx nor Lenin nor any other communist ever bothered to enquire whether God really does not exist. They have accepted it in the same way as Christians and Hindus and Mohammedans and Jews have accepted that there is a God. I don’t make any distinction between the atheist and the theist, they are travelling in the same boat. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
I do not make any distinction between a christian, a Hindu, and a communist. On the surface there seems to be a grate distinction. The communist does not believe in God, Religions believe in God. That is very superficial, If you look just a little bit deeper, scratch just a little bit, you will be surprised, disbelief is as ignorant as belief. Both have accepted something on faith, without any enquiry. Hence I say communism is an atheist religion. Mohammedans have their Mecca, Jews have their Jerusalem, communist have their Kremlin. And it is very amusing to see a picture of the Kremlin – it looks like a church! Perhaps it was a church before the revolution. It was not made by the communists, certainly. It may have been the biggest church in Russia They captured it and they made it their central office. But the architecture shows simply that it is a church.
Not only the architecture of the Kremlin but the minds of people who dominated people from the Kremlin are exactly the same as the popes, as Ayatollah’s as the Shankracharyas  – do difference! On the fundamentals they would agree. communists believe is Das Kapital, and christians believe in the Bible but where is the difference? Those books are different, but the person who beliefs, the mind that believes, is the same.