Nandita Kochar
In the history of humankind, being rejected has never been easy. But what’s been more tough is having to reject someone, someone who is willing to offer you everything he owns while you tell him, “No, thank you!”
But this doesn’t mean that one stops learning ways of how to go about rejecting someone in a more polite acceptable manner. Here are some:
I need to speak to you about something important. Forgive me for bringing it up right now. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
He might be looking more handsome than usual tonight. The food might be more appetizing, the wine might be sweeter. But none of this takes away the fact that you still do not find yourself attracted to him. So procrastinating the conversation is just going to make things worse. You have to display a certain sense of responsibility and maturity, and have the much needed conversation.
I so love spending time with you.
The person being rejected isn’t a bad person. He does have a whole lot of qualities; it’s just that these qualities don’t make you want to go to bed with him. But that does not have to make you feel embarrassed or ashamed because the moment you do, it transfers onto him as well. Matters of the heart can be tricky, so let’s just embrace them the way they are without any remorse.
But if we proceed with this, I feel..
You are not a bad person who crushes his dreams. You do want to stand with him when it comes to picturing the future of this relationship. It’s just that while he sees no problem, you do see one from where you are standing.
If we continue, you won’t get an honest version of me.
He might somehow convince you to let things be the way they are, to not break them off. But this is no resolution to your internal turmoil; heck, it’s not even a turmoil when you know what you want – to not be in a relationship with this person. So with guilt in your heart you might proceed but that shall happen at the cost of your honesty with him and deep down, with your own self. 
I’d hate to ruin what we have for the sake of a relationship.
Just because you can’t be his girlfriend doesn’t mean you don’t cherish your friendship with him. As a girlfriend, you might seem to him like his soulmate. But many of us know how friends are our true soulmates. Friendship is not a consolation prize here. Rather it is a blessing in disguise. 
You aren’t rejecting him as a whole. You aren’t pushing him out completely. Rather you are offering him your friendship, which brings out a far better version of you than a relationship.