Nandita Kochar
You can hold only four cups, attend to three pets of yours, tie only one saree at a time. The point I am trying to make here is that we, as individuals, are severely limited in our capacity. As fragile as we are, we can only devote 30 or 40 years of high quality effort in our entire lives and when that is placed in the timeline of humankind, it accounts for a very small dot. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.
And yet when we work alongside each other, the quantity of this high quality effort not only multiplies but also the quality of the effort becomes more varied and strengthened. One can rely on others in order to make up for one’s shortcomings. While you might understand only the grammatical aspect of a paper, your partner might get a better grip on its content. You might understand the legal aspects of a business while your partner might do great at its ethical aspects. There’s always more room to cover. And the more foot you have, the better!
A team is far stronger, wiser and determined than one individual can be. And the realization of this is possible only when we see how much more a team brings to the table in comparison to an individual. No matter how irritating or annoying the ways of a team member are, if we remember the different unique ways he/she brings in, it’ll be easier for us to adjust in the long term. You might not appreciate or even try to comprehend these unique ways in a homely setting or at a dinner party but when it comes to work, you will gradually become more grateful for these ways because here, you all are tied by a common goal. 
And the best part is, your success or failure does not just depend on you but is shared by ten other people. You may become sad and start to lose confidence but the situation can still be handled by nine others. And this handling will also eventually bring you back on track. Secondly, if one team member is doing great at a task, I am much more likely to encourage him rather than to feel jealous; after all what matters is how the team fares, (and not just me) right?
Together we can reach the moon or start an organic farm or just have a warm picnic; we can take a shot at making something possible, something which may not have been possible alone. And when we die, we have new members to take the legacy forward. The act does not die with us in our graves, it continues to live on. And who does not want that? After all, your odds at becoming immortal in the human memory are better as a group rather than an individual, right?