Mediator sowing the right piece of meditation furniture always hold a big plus, as it is a wonderful way to get comfortable with the practice sessions. Having the best meditation chair is extremely helpful for people, needing back support, or undergoing any physical difficulty or having any discomfort on the floor.With so many options available, you might get confused with which one to choose. Here, in this article we will guide about the best of the best meditation chairs, while helping you find the ideal one.Many of us think that any usual chair can be a meditation chair, which is actually not true. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Usually chairs are more like seats, where some are designed supporting mediators, while other aren’t (also called benches). Buying a good quality meditation chair, which is lightweight and compact, means that you get to change your place or position easily. Like, a meditation chair which is low and super comfortable. Some designs of a meditation chair are easily portable and can be carried from one place to another. This option is a perfect choice for mediator show love to travel.If you buy a good meditation chair, it releases the pressure building up gradually in legs or back when we sit in the same pose for a long period of time. Moreover, it alleviates pressure and tension, and encourages good back alignment. The meditation chair you choose depends on the kind of meditation you want to practice for supportive and comfortable design, and something that can fit in your budget.
Some of the best meditation chairs are straight-backed coming with no armrests and a comfortable seat. The hips need to be slightly higher than the knees and one should be able to place his feet flat on the floor, about 18 inch apart. Always try and use a cushion under the feet, in case the feet doesn’t feel comfortable when touching the floor, and make use of a cushion under buttocks if one is too tall and have knees, higher than the hips. When there is no need of any extra support, it is best not to lean backwards on the chair. Having a small pillow between your back and the back of the meditation chair provides immense comfort.
Yes! It’s all about straight and comfortable. Finding an ideal meditation chair for your body type is Avery important part of your meditation practice. If you need help in finding the best meditation chair or simply want to gear up your meditation experience, Happyho store offers a great variety of meditation furniture, all at one convenient spot– Happyho has everything you need to know about meditation.
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Now that you know all there is to know about meditation chairs, you might be wondering where to purchase one from. Don’t worry! We, at Happy Ho, have got you covered with our exclusive range of meditation chairs!
All of our meditation chairs have been designed by Swami Dhyan Unmesh (Registered Yoga Teacher & Osho Meditation Facilitator) and sell like hot cakes! Why? Take a read and you’ll know!
 Extra Large Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair with Back-Support and Meditation Block
This particular chair has been rated No 1 Meditation Chair by Wiki Ezvid (USA) under 10 Best Meditation Cushion 2016. It’s helpful for people with back pain. The Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair avoids numbness in legs in cross leg posture and fits every one below 6 feet 2 inches. It comes with a complimentary bag and fully foldable.
Seat size : 24 x 22 inch, 4 inch 40d foam (7 year warranty)
Net weight : 5.20kgs (without packing)
Buddha Bliss Yoga and Meditation Chair
This Meditation Chair is specially designed for the back support of the lower back in Sukhasana (Crossed-leg) Posture. The back support provided is firm which helps keep the body stable. Extra cushion is added for elevating the hips. The structure of the chair aids in sitting for prolonged time making your meditation session comfortable and relaxing. The Meditation Chair comes with a carry bag and is fully foldable.
Seat Size: 20 x 18 Inch x 3 inch with 7 years warranty.
Relaxing Buddha Meditation Chair with Extra Rectangular Back Support
This particular piece is specially designed back support for lower back in Sukhasana Posture. The Meditation Chair comes with a carry bag and is fully foldable. It is currently used in Preksha Meditation Center in Delhi; designed to make Meditation Camps and Satsang more comfortable. It promotes good posture and provides back support. The chair also reduces stress of having to sit in one single position during meditation. The extra detachable rectangular back support gives further support to the lower back; fits everyone under 5 feet 11 inches.
Seat Size : 20 x 18 Inch x 3 inch with 7 years warranty
Back Jack Meditation and Yoga Chair
The use of this chair makes meditation sessions comfortable and relaxing; ideal for Osho White robe brotherhood meditation and is currently used in Osho International Resort Pune. It’s ideal for listening to discourses and helps beginners in meditation to stabilize the body and also older people who need back support due to ageing. It’s also ideal for home to continue the practice as it increases the capacity to sit longer on the floor.
Seat Size : 18 x 18 inch x 3 inch
3 Inch 40 Density Feather Foam with 7 Year Guarantee
Gross weight 2.4 Kgs
Buddha Paradise Meditation Chair
And our final chair is designed to give back support making Meditation Camps and Satsang more comfortable. It’s made from teak wood and micro suede fabric. The cylindrical cushion supports keeps the spine in perfect alignment for hours.
Seating cushion 20 (length) x 21 (width) x 4 (height) inch.
Seating cushion of high quality 40 Density foam. Fits everyone below 6 Feet
But Why Meditation?
We are living in the 21st century, where the world is full of chaos, with issues and multiple problems surrounding us constantly. In such a dreadful scenario, it is not only our physical health that suffers, but also our mental health. Whether noticed or not, our mind and body’s well-being goes through a lot of challenges as the clock ticks each day. And if these challenges are not addressed, it can lead to severe diseases in the future.
Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take thorough care of our mental and physical health. And this is meditation steps in! The application of meditation as a daily physical practice has been quite popular since ancient times and is considered to be a perfect solution for all sorts of problems occurring in the human body. Meditation destresses. It makes us happier. And trains our mind to live in the here and now, to reap the benefits of that which is happening at this very moment.. Meditation makes us grounded and calmer. It would need an entire book to bring forth the benefits of meditation.
Meditation is not new to India. What is new is the interest shown in it by the younger generations and the popular media. As per the studies, regular practice of meditation alleviate stress and anxiety. It also has a direct impact on physiological factors such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen consumption. The sum total of which is achieving of happiness!
Meditation is an adventurous route to self-discovery as it escalates the awareness of that which is essentially happening in front of your own eyes. With meditation you are able to reconnect with your inner soul and essence. The connection affects one’s daily life, automatically resulting in increased creativity, improved health, fulfilling relationships, and enthusiasm for life.
We at Happy Ho (Noida) are a small team passionate about what we do. We are in the business of enhancing happiness and increasing Happiness Quotient and Emotional Quotient and we are serious about it. We have observed that many who join the happiness movement and want to be really happy are confused as to which way to head, what steps to take and what next. And we believe moving towards a regular practice of meditation can serve as a great step!
And you know what’s better? Meditation coupled with yoga! And so we, at Happy Ho, would like to invite you to the serene and ancient foothills of the Aravalli Ranges during February 2020, for our Meditation & Yoga Retreat. Surrender yourself to the abundance of life and nourish your being, in the embrace of elegant luxury. Restore your spirit & bring back your balance.
It’s your life, your retreat & your choice to rediscover you.
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Till then Happy Ho! (and don’t forget to bring your meditation chairs!)