Once there lived a mystic in the West who walked the streets naked and had a very healthy body. He had nothing other than the glory of his body and of his heart. One day he was meditating under a tree when a few robbers caught sight of him and planned of selling him in the slave market for a good price.

But they were scared about kidnapping him once they caught sight of his full body. They were half a dozen men but were still apprehensive about winning over him. He looked dangerous enough to defeat them all, one by one.

Just when they were contemplating how to carry out the feat, the mystic looked at them and said, ”Don’t be afraid of me. Come closer and you can put your chains on me. I won’t harm anyone of you.” As shocked as the robbers were, they didn’t want to lose this grand opportunity. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area

On the way, the mystic said, ”Why were you keen on chaining me? You could have just asked me and I would have willingly come with you wherever you intended on taking me.” The robbers still couldn’t believe how a man could be so keen on being chained and kidnapped. And so they told him.

The mystic laughed. “My freedom is not so limited. Even with the chains, I feel as free as one is allowed to.”, he said. The robbers still were unable to comprehend.

When they reached the marketplace, the robbers shouted, “Here is a Master for sale. Would any of you like to purchase him?” Read carefully what they said, “Here is a Master for sale. Would any of you like to purchase him?”

A Master remains a Master. Real freedom is achieved not against bondage but beyond it.

If your freedom is against bondage, then you may escape to the hills to be away from the bondage of your employer or your wife and children. But if they manage to track you down, there goes your freedom. Where else will you run now? For how long? Away from whom?