We are the descendants of Adam & Eve. The way of sin, comes naturally to us. So how can it be termed as a stigma?
What is sin? Sin is a human definition of a wrong act which is against the society only to regulate its affairs and create fear amongst people. Jesus said, “Hate the Sin, not the sinner.” He knew that there is no such thing called sin.
What looks like sin to you may not necessarily be considered an act of sin in some other culture or society. An act you may consider to be sin may not essentially evoke as strong an emotion in some other parts of the world as it does in yours. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Have you ever wondered if Adam and Eve had not sinned that beautiful night, that is, assuming they made love only during night time, would we have existed today?
One more interesting observation that has always intrigued me to no end is of a priest sitting in a temple or a church and listening to the confession of the helpless sinners. Once again, I assume that the holy priest confesses his own sins to the Holy Ghost.
The fear of sin is a big business, and it has been going on for ages. It has crippled the society with its irrational ideologies and dogmas.
If a sinner can be accepted by the God, then how can his sin not be? We give credit to God for all our good deeds and obedience, and yet we take responsibility of a sin on ourselves. Ever wondered why this is?
This means we are two different sides within us. One does all the good deeds and is loved by the God, while the other commits sin and seeks forgiveness and absolution from the priest, the official representative of God, in the confession chamber. Interestingly, his forgiveness is equally as deceitful as our confession.
If a man commits atrocities or sin as per the society’s norms, it is an offence that he has committed. He should be tried according to the judicial process. Where does a priest come into play in this picture?
Drop the fear of Sin. Live Happily.