10 years ago, there was good news that some scientists had discovered four new planets. Two of the extrasolar planets were considered Super-Earths, more massive than Earth but less massive than Uranus and Neptune.

Researchers had said that spotting true Earth-sized planets was challenging with current technology, but the presence of Super-Earths suggests finding a world like ours is just a matter of time.

“These detections indicate that low-mass planets are quite common around nearby stars,” said study team member Steven Vogt, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. “The discovery of potentially habitable nearby worlds maybe just a few years away.”

It’s indeed good news but it is also bad news. The bad news is that we human beings don’t know how to live on this earth which has been available to us for millions of years. Look what we have done to this poor earth. We have exploited and ruined it so insensitively that it is becoming unlivable rapidly. This Corona Virus pandemic is the end result of our callousness and cruelty. The mother earth desperately needed to imprison humans into Lockdown for a certain period to nourish itself.

Our Beloved Earth has been suffering for millennia from endless divisions of warring nations and fanatic religionists. This earth has become so small for our wars–we do need more earths to carry on our wars. And as soon as human beings will reach the new super-duper earth, they would start monopolising and fighting. They will create the same hell there which they created on this earth.

Before we make our travel plans to the new earths, we need to make sure that we are ready to live on these planets with new vision, dropping all our earthly conflicts on this earth. A new kind super man will be needed to herald a new humanity on the new earths.

Osho calls this superman a New Man. As an Indian scientist Dr. Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar (He is an Indian computer scientist, IT leader, and educationalist. He is best known as the architect of India’s national initiative in supercomputing where he led the development of Param supercomputers.

He is a Padma Bhushan and Maharashtra Bhushan awardee. Indian computer magazine Dataquest placed him among the pioneers of India’s IT industry. He was the founder executive director of C-DAC in Pune) explains: Osho declared the death of ‘the old man’ bound to the chains of self-professed ideologies of the past centuries. He envisioned the arrival of ‘the new man’ who is unbound and free to explore the joyful and creative nature of his existence. This New Man is both spiritual and scientific, simultaneously; he is not repressive and aggressive as in the past but tender and loving to embrace the joyful future. Let us rejoice and welcome the new man of Osho who is open and transparent, honest and truthful, authentic and self-disclosing. Osho’s new man is not fragmented but integral, wholistic in the image of his creator.

And, this new man is not going to fall from some alien space but he is arriving through each one of us as we start dropping the gross sheath of our existence and start reaching the essential nature of ourselves, which is pure existence, pure consciousness and pure bliss.

The old man this earth has not lived harmoniously, joyously, and blissfully. He has been lacking in consciousness to make this life worth living. He has been on war-path not only with his other fellow men but within himself. The divisions and the conflicts within himself are the root cause of all conflicts outside.

Osho envisions a totally new kind of man in the future if humanity wants to have any future.

He says: “The new man will not have any split. The new man will have only one religion; that is awareness. The new man will have only one world, this world. Because that world is hidden behind it. This world is like a circumference, and that world is the center. And I call the whole man the holy man; then he becomes Zorba the Buddha.

Then the whole life, with its whole spectrum, all the colors of the rainbow, you can live without any fear, without any guilt. You can dance like a Zorba, you can meditate like a Buddha, and I don’t see there is any contradiction. In fact, if you have danced totally, deeply, so deeply that the dancer disappears in the dance, that is the time to start meditation.

And when you have meditated, and you are full of silence and peace and blissfulness, so much so that not that you are blissfulness, but you can bless the whole world, that is the moment to dance. Your dance then will be a showering of blessings to the whole world. I don’t see any contradiction. That’s why I say, drop the old completely. It was sick, it was schizophrenic. And let us have a new man; organic, healthy, whole. And with the new man comes a new world into existence, which will not be divided by politics into nations; which will not be divided by religions into different sections, fighting, murdering, killing, burning living people.

We can make this earth a paradise, if we are together. If there are no nations and no churches, no religions, nothing dividing man from man.

Then we will have so much energy available which is being involved into wars, into fighting, into organizing; that this whole earth can blossom into new flowers of consciousness.”

Osho – The Last Testament, Vol. 5, Number 27