India’s most celebrated actor Vinod Khanna passed away on April 27th ,2017. His death evoked more euphoria than his life in recent times.
Media and celebrities since April 27th have gone on in expressing their tributes in all possible way. This is a rare sentiment which is arising out of the sense of loss for his presence.
How come this out pour on this death. Actually this out pour is the proof in what manner and quantity Vinod has touched the heart of this fans across the world as an actor and as a monk. Happyho also provide best Meditation and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Vinod in his quest for life left acting at this peak and joined Osho. He dived deep in his consciousness to find answers for some of the most intricate questions and his master Osho helped him explore his being before allowing him to go back in the world and test out what he got from him.
It became so much easier for Vinod to touch the soul of his beloveds as soon as he was free and out of his body. So as much we miss him today is as much we loved him always.
It becomes much easier for soul to reach out to the person who loves it, irrespective of the fact whether someone knew it or not. If there is love in someone’s heart for a departed soul, its energy shall touch your being for sure.
Vinod, as declared by Osho jokingly as an enlightened soul, was indeed the loving being whose presence was hard to ignore and so his absence is more profound then his presence. Just as his master Osho is more available to his beloveds after he left his body in January 1990. Vinod is more available to us in his absence.  All that we need is a loving heart for Swami Vinod Bharati aka Vinod Khanna.