A man came to Buddha once with flowers in his hand. Buddha looked at this flowers and he said, ” Drop it!”
So he dropped the lfowers in the left hand. He thought, “May be it is wrong to bring flowers in the left hand to Buddha” – because the left hand is thought to be wrong. Right is right and left is wrong, and you dont give with the left hand. So he dropped them, feeling guilty. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Buddha laughed and said, “Drop it!” So he had to drop them from the right hand also, but then he was puzzled.
And when both hands were empty Buddha laughed laudly and said, ” Drop it!” Now there was nothing to drop. So he looked here and there – what to do?
Ananda said, ” Buddha never meant to drop the flowers the one who has brought the flowers has to be dropped. By dropping flowers nothing will happen. Why not drop yourself?”
The man understood and dropped at Buddha’s feet. He never went back to his Palace.
His prime minister came and he said, ” What are you doing? Even if you want to renounce, give it a little time so everything settles. Come back. YOu wife, your children and the whole kingdom and the affairs – give us a little time. Even if you decide to renounce, why in such a hurry? ”
The man said, “When you understand, it is always at once. If you dont understand, it is always postponed.” Only ignorance postpones, and igonorance plays a very great trick by postponing. Then you feel you have understood, but how can you do it at once? YOu will do it by and by – this is the trick of not doing it ever. This is the trick: ” I will do it tomorrow.”
See: when you are angry you do it immediately, but if you feel loving you postpone it. If you want to give a gift to somebody you postpone, but if you want to be angry you do it immediately – becasue you know well that if you postpone, things will never be done. Postponement is a trick. So deep down you know now there is no need to do it, and on the surface you can go on believing, ” I am going to do it. ” So you deceive yourself.