Nandita Kochar
On one hand, the society tells you that there is a certain reserved age for romance and love. But on the other, you feel this exciting tingling emotion inside of you that keeps telling you that there is still a chance for you to find someone you love dearly. This is the dilemma most seniors face. 
Chances are, because you are reading this article, that the ‘timeless’ you has already won the battle. You do want to believe that you can still be hit by the Cupid. What you need now are some tips on dating for single seniors! So here we go. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.
After spending an entire lifetime being serious and responsible, it’s finally time to let it go! So don’t act your age. It might be difficult at first, trying to have fun. But eventually, it shall come to you. And remember some spontaneity, enthusiasm, humour and appetite for fun never go out of fashion.
You’ve entered the dating field probably because your spouse died or you two got separated. With such a past, it’s hard not to wear your obstacles on your sleeves. But you can’t wear these sleeves all the time because then you won’t be able to start afresh! Take your learning from this past and let it go. 
Dating is about getting to know each other. But do not let the heavy stuff ride your first date itself. Let the first meeting be about just enjoying being with a new person, an unfamiliar face.
Leave your kids at home. Your kids might be obsessed with you dating someone else or they might be very skeptical of it; either way they’d like to tag along with you. But do not let them do so till you and your date are comfortable with the idea. Remember this is just about you. Something’s just about you in a very long time. Relish it!
Love is exciting and meaningful at any age. Have fun, be present and let your heart lead this time!