Nandita Kochar

An extremely essential part of Hindu Itihasa, the epic of Ramayana penned down by Valmiki continues to touch the hearts of almost everyone who reads it, to this very day. Who doesn’t remember the days when the roads would go deserted in India to see the very first televised version of this great story! 

So here are some in between the lines lessons from the epic.  Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

Role Played By Bad Influence

It was established right in the beginning of the epic how Kaikeyi, like the rest of Ayodhya, loved Ram more than her own son, Bharat. But because of Mantra’s influence, she decided to convince Dasrath to send Ram, the rightful heir, to exile in the forest while Bharat ruled the throne. 

Reverence Towards Parents

Ram was open towards both ruling the throne and being sent off into the forests. He revered his father and therefore, did as he was asked to do.

Openness To Being Tested

The forest hid many great dangers, the highest being the demons. But Ram was ready to conquer them all.

Good People Often Hurt Others To Teach Them A Lesson

After learning about what Kaikeyi did to his brother Ram, Bharat revoked all his ties with his mother in order to make her realise the severity of her bad choices. 

The Lord Is the Ultimate Presider

Even though Bharat was ruling over Ayodhya, he did it in the name of Ram. He even placed the latter’s padukas on the throne as a symbol of the same.

How One Responds To Provocation Is Important

When Lakshman decided to cut off Surpanaka’s nose, gone was her charm, her beauty and her real ugliness manifested itself within seconds.

Loyalty & Love Cannot Be Achieved Through Deception

Ravana kidnapped Sita by taking the form of a saint. He asked her to cross the Lakshman Rekha in order to put the food in his bowl. Once she did, he abducted her to his wealthy and glorious Lanka. His love for her, the glory of his kingdom – nothing could make SIta develop the kind of love, loyalty and devotion she had for Ram, towards Ravana.

Patience, Determination & Enthusiasm For The Lord Always Pays Off

Long ago, her Guru had asked Shabari to wait for Lord Ram for he promised her that if she did, the Lord would come see her. Since that day, she cleaned her hut every single day and picked flowers and fruits as well. And as promised, Ram did come see her during his exile.

Intense Arrogance Makes Us Lose Our Intelligence

Even after Ram defeated most of his warriors including Kumbhakarna and Indrajit, Ravana’s arrogance did not let him see his own dreaded future.

Grace Of The Guru Is Always Needed

Agastya Muni gifted Ram a divine arrow using which he killed Ravana.

The Lord Must Be Welcomed With Light & Love

Deepawali was celebrated on Ram’s return. The entire Ayodhya was filled with lamps to symbolise the win of the divine over the demons. The light also symbolised that it is only when the heart is entirely illuminated that we can see the Lord.