Nandita Kochar
Often one’s life and one’s environment are thought of as two distinct entities. But from the Nichiren Buddhism’s point of view, they are inseparable. And the sooner you realise that, the better it’ll be.
It’s an almost natural instinctive tendency to blame our conflicts and tensions on to things outside of ourselves, on other people or the general circumstances. In other words, on our environment. We love to transfer the responsibility on everything outside of ourselves, for anything that goes haywire in our lives. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.
But ever thought about how this behaviour makes us feel at the end of the day? Helpless. 
Now if we turn the tables and see our environment being reflective of our inner selves, we have no option but to take responsibility for the mishappenings in our lives. We are left with no more persons or general circumstances to blame. 
This perspective might make your heart feel heavy in the beginning but seconds later, you might realise how you now have the power to charge our environment by changing ourselves. We are no longer tamed by or at the mercy of that which surrounds us. We are in charge. 
Imagine you wake from your bed to find that it’s raining. While the downpour makes you sad, it makes your room mate happy. The environment is the same but the reactions are different. This implies that it is the inner self that gives the environment the meaning which it carries rather than vice-versa. So if I look at my room mate’s smiling face, I might be encouraged to welcome the rains. I might be encouraged to take charge of my inner self and alter how I feel. Once this is done, I inevitably change my circumstances as well. 
Remember, everything is perceived through the self and alters according to the individual’s inner state of life. Thus, if we change inner selves, our circumstances will also inevitably change.
If we are in a hellish state, this shall be reflected in our surroundings, in how we respond to events. However, if we are in a joyous, no matter what comes our way, we are bound to smile. 
Our individual lives exert a profound and potentially unlimited influence. And the more aware we become of this, the greater difference we can make.