If you are unhappy it is a big opportunity to be Happy. Happiness is always followed by the moments of unhappiness that is why we say Happiness is momentary.
Often, the very same objects, people and possessions, which have given us happiness and joy, become the source of our utter unhappiness. Actually we should consider as the most beautiful phenomenon we have in our lives.
The child we adore might be the source of our unhappiness. We love our husband and wife for being around us but we see these relationships become source of unhappiness as well. Similarly, several possessions, which made our head held high become reasons of unhappiness. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
To cut a long story short, the very same sources of joy can in an instant or over a period of time, take a turn into the source of unhappiness and you may left thinking with remorse about what went wrong where.
The thinking is the problem, the more we think the more we become unhappy because we find reasons, we analyze. What is the point? Let go or just drop it. Get rid off the burden you are carrying and become free, become happy.
Happiness and freedom go together. So once you have learnt the art of being happy no relationship, no possession or situation can make you slave. You have understood the eternity of moment. You become master of your own happiness. The thoughts and emotions make you slave
We follow our routines as taught to us since childhood about our bodily cleanliness and nourishment. These functions we are bound to follow even unaware about them, as we enjoy our food, our bath, our clothes, new and old both. But what we tend to forget is the emotional well-being of ourselves; body and soul.
We tend to forget that the very same happiness we are enjoying at a certain moment can turn into unhappiness the very next moment. But this does not mean that we need to live our lives by being on our toes at all times. On the contrary what we need to learn is to know how theses adverse situations can be dealt with the minimum of discomfort to others and ourselves around us.
And this is an art we learn as we progress in life. This is the art of selective approach towards different situations in life.
A strange humor arise and we forget all the screams, shout and yelling. We enjoy everything. When we know it is for our momentary pleasure the value of the relationships, possession and situations more now than ever before.
In routine life we address these situations in a robotic manner rather being more mindful and aware. For example if we are stuck with a broken car in the morning rush hour traffic. We may scream, complain and blame everything that we can think off including the fact that what breakfast we had in the morning. Whereas, a happy person will respond to this situation with large laughter and will enjoy the moment with huge playfulness. He will try and park the car at the side of the road, call a friend or taxi and reach office. Simultaneously he will arrange for the car to be towed away to the garage to be repaired. He will make the best of this experience.
It all depends how we take on the life. A glass half filled or half empty.The seeds of happiness lie deep in unhappiness. When we are unhappy we automatically we desire to be happy. That’s inherent in us. The will to be happy. The will to be loved. But at the same time there is a deep-seated resolve to stay unhappy too is hidden inside of us and we need to balance it from within.
Chakra Breathing, different Meditations help you balance your emotions. Astro profiling also helps you understand the root cause of any temporary phenomenon, which is caused by different planetary transit.