Originating in the realm of Hinduism & Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra is an ancient path of meditation. In recent times, the path has become fairly more popular because what it has to say about sexual practices.

Tantra views each aspect of human life (yes, you guessed it right! including sex) as a way for personal transformation. Our entire life can be seen as a meditation; all our activities – eating, dancing, studying, painting, making love – can be based on a high level of awareness in them.

It is believed in the Hindu Tantric traditions that when sex is practiced with awareness and a certain sense of connection then it could lead to enlightenment. Tantric sex is extremely slow in nature with focus on breathing, eye contact, touching and developing intimacy with the person you are performing it with. Orgasm here is not the goal but rather prolonging this intensity of connection. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

Women usually take longer to climax so this slow sex is usually in line with the feminine energies. And men get to experience what’s happening in their entire body instead of rushing into orgasming. Win-win for both.

Here are few guiding principles when it comes to Tantric Sex:

  1. Breathing makes you more mindful of each moment and heightens your sensitivity towards each act.
  2. Slowing Down means if you are used to forty strokes in ten minutes then bring it down to four strokes in the same amount of time. Impatient people are likely to walk off the field quickly when it comes to this step.
  3. Eye Gazing allows you to initiate, maintain and nurture a deep connection with someone during the act. It’s almost like staring into their soul.
  4. Movement allows all the important energy to move around in the body. So imagine energy originating in your brain, passing onto your spine and spreading to the rest of your body, and then flowing down into your penis. From there it enters your partner.

So are you ready to try the benefits of this ancient meditation in your bedroom?