What is IPL? Every year in the months of April and May, we get to see a different form of cricket. Players from all countries take part in it. These types of cricket matches are called IPL.

It is very interesting and explosive to watch as it has very few overs (20 Overs) and also being a short form of cricket, it is interesting in a whole way. At the same time, seeing very big giants playing together in the same team, the mind of the players as well as the audience is visible.

Watching IPL is a different fun. The one who sees it once will become a complete fan of it.

Two new teams to join IPL 2022 have appeared and now 10 teams are ready to participate in the next season. The names of Ahmedabad and Lucknow have been decided in the auction for two new teams held in Dubai on Monday.

Two new teams have been announced for IPL 2022. These two new teams will be Ahmedabad and Lucknow.Kolkata-based business tycoon Sanjeev Goenka’s RP-SG Group has bought the Lucknow franchise.RP-SG Group has bought it for Rs 7090 crore. At the same time, the team from Ahmedabad has been bought by international equity investment firm CVC Capital.
CVC Capital has bought this team for Rs 5600 crore.This means that now the teams of Ahmedabad and Lucknow will also participate in the next season of IPL. With the inclusion of these two teams, now a total of 10 teams will play in IPL 2022.

The thing that everyone was waiting for for a long time is over and the information related to the two new teams joining the next season IPL 2022 has come to the fore. Teams from Ahmedabad and Lucknow have participated in the auction for two new teams in Dubai. BCCI has earned more than 12 thousand crore rupees from these two teams. It was certainly a much higher amount than expected.

For Lucknow, a bid of about Rs 7090 crore has been made by the Sanjeev Goenka Group. At the same time, a bid of about Rs 5600 crore has been made for Ahmedabad, which has been put by foreign company CVC Group. BCCI has earned 12 thousand crores.

22 companies took tender documents worth Rs 10 lakh to buy two new teams to be included in IPL 2022. The base price for the new teams was kept at Rs 2000 crore. Many names were revealed to buy two new teams of IPL 2022.

In which, Sanjeev Goenka of RPSG, Glazer Family, owner of Manchester United, Naveen Jindal, Adani Group, Kotak Group, CVC Partner, Group-M, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were among many names. But the Goenka Group and CVC partner have been ahead in the race. Let us tell, since 2014 there have been 8 teams in IPL, but now 10 teams will once again take part in IPL 2022.