We all know this feeling when you try to smile and feel happy but you can not or the times when you look around and find everyone but you happy. When people have been asking you to smile more and you wonder if there is something wrong with you for not being happy.
When you make happiness your goal in life, what that means is that there are certain thoughts, feelings and situations you will try to avoid because they take you off the road to happiness. This means you don’t interact with people who are smarter or better in some way. In the short term, that may make you happy, but in the long term it’s precisely those types of interactions that are “the springboard for a higher sense of peace where you grow, expand and gain meaning.”
Whenever you do an act that is out of the box, regardless of the outcome, you feel better just in having gone beyond your limits. Those are the situations that might mitigate immediate happiness in exchange for more enduring self-acceptance, which leads to greater serenity.
We all have these gut intuitions about what works for us, and yet we deviate from them all the time to follow the herd. Now that happiness has become part of the herd mentality, attaining it on an individual level is arguably more difficult.
Use mindfulness to your advantage. If you’re in a work meeting and someone insults your idea. Asserting yourself makes you feel better, even if you’re in an unhappy situation.
If you want to beat anxiety and depression, don’t try to be good. Try to be in contact with your emotions. That means dispensing with the happiness charade and harnessing negative emotions when they’re useful. Anger can fuel creativity, selfishness and courage. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Selfishness has its place. If you don’t fall in love with your ideas and connect with people. If you decide not to use these less desirable parts of your personality because you want to be happy, you will not be as successful as your peers who take advantage of them.
Accept people and situations for what they are. Don’t be a football of other people’s opinions.