if you had been swimming in any common swimming pool you need to know about this recent study.
According to a new survey, less than 5% people know that a pool’s chemical smell comes from chloramines, which are chemical irritants that form in pools when bodily fluids mix with chlorine. So when you pee in a pool, your pee gets mixed with the chlorine and that forms chloramines. These chloramines are harmful for your body and make your eye go red. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
These irritants can cause red eyes and itchy skin, so it’s important to regularly test a pool’s chlorine and pH levels and treat it if necessary. It doesn’t matter if peeing in the pool is your ‘thing’, you must save others from getting red eyes.
It’s thought that going for a swim in a pool that is full of chlorine might turn your eyes red. A lot of people believe that it’s healthy for us to delve deep into a pool of water that is clean (read chlorinated).
A lot of optimists will also like to believe that sweat also plays a part in the formation of chloramines but let’s get real here. We know why this happens. Let’s try and keep our urine away from the pools.
As they say, you can’t spell ‘pool’ without ‘p(ee)’.