Questions, questions and more questions. That’s the way we converse these days. You go to any place, be it a coffee shop, a mall, a social gathering, a hospital or a local train, people conversation is usually surrounded with Who, When, Why, where, what.
Nobody is interested in listening the answer actually the answer itself is a question. It is a questioning society. The questions arise when you distrust yourself and others including the government and society of the day. Distrust leads to fear and so questioning everything looks more protective. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The real questions arise out of deeper quest for life. While most questions that we hear in usual conversation are arising out of ego to prove a point over the other. So we see two egos answering questions to questions. That is the reason nobody is bothered to hear the answer because answer are preconceived and if it adheres the preconceptions it is a right answer and else it is a wrong one.
The question is what are we seeking. For anything that is related to money, power prestige and political upmanship yes the question to question is a right answer. But that deprives the people of happiness that they deserve. For any question the seeker has to seek a solution so approach is “HOW” can we solve or resolve a thing. The society than seeks solutions rather than questioning everything. The how makes the questioning more empathetic and so it provides actionable answers leading to solutions for an individual or a group without any ego and conflict.
“HOW” is a magical word. HOW is more in present and questioning is past. So what is the fun crying over spilled milk. You can make a question with “HOW” but often it leads to learning and solution. The productive society is focused on “HOW” to make it a constant improvement tool.
— Jwalant Swaroop