One of the most common ways of deciding which job to take is by looking at whether the product which the industry we’ll be working with produces is something that intrigues us or not. If we enjoy their output, we seek to become a part of their input.

This means that all of us are likely to write off certain areas of the economy. If I like dancing, I’d hate a job that involves sales. If I love studying the mind, then studying the market behaviours = has not much for me, right? We try to understand industries based on their overt output and then make a quick judgement about whether they have something to offer or not. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

And yet there can be a huge benefit if we shift our focus from what the industry produces (output) to how it produces it (input); we might consider checking if our interests align with the input process. Instead of looking at a car and deciding whether we are interested in working in an automobile industry, we can try asking what all processes are involved in designing, branding, marketing, mechanically organising a car. Earlier we might not have considered the job because we thought we didn’t have enough love for a car but later as we realised that making a car also involves branding and designing, we might be more interested. Earlier we thought cars are all about putting parts together but now we realise how much more there is to it.

Instead of asking if we enjoy the inputs of an industry, we must ask ourselves if we can find pleasure in the input process. It is a hugely liberating move that’ll expand our opportunities immensely!