We often see a lot of food going waste in our homes, restaurants and even in super stores. How many times we wonder if this food could reach the needy people at the right time before it perishes. Now we know people who have addressed this problem in a beautiful way.
A restaurant in Kochi by the name Pappada Vada, has come up with a brilliant idea to help the poor people. They have installed a public fridge where people can leave food for the homeless and those just needing a little helping hand. This public fridge is named ‘Nanma Maram’ and is located at Kaloor Kathrikadavu road in Kochi and it works 24/7. Anyone can access the “Nanma Maram’ both to take and to bring food. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Apart from this Pappada Vada restaurant will stock the fridge with 50 food packets on a daily basis for the homeless. Homeless people and those struggling to buy food can help themselves to products from the refrigerator. Pappada Vada will take care of the cost and operation of Nanma Maram.
In addition to this noble gesture Pappada Vada is requesting vlog residents of Kochi to bring in their excess food to Nanma Maram.
The request is to make sure that it is neatly packed and the food is fresh as well as to write on the package the preparation date of the food.
The restaurant is aiming to reduce the unnecessary wastage of food, so that those in need will not have to starve. It is a matter of feeding not only the body but also the soul through making people practice the art of charity.
Elsewhere in the world, communities in Berlin and Spain as well as a single man in Saudi Arabia are already working in this field. They run around the clock public fridges from where needy and homeless can pick food whenever they want and the fortunate ones can leave food properly packed and marked with date at their convenience.