By Kul Bhushan
A lawyer was buying Valentine Day cards when his friend walked into the gift shop.
“Hi, how come you are buying forty cards?”
“I’m a lawyer.”
“Last year I bought 20 cards and wrote this same message – Love you eternally. Let’s meet in the park at 7 p.m. today’. Then I sent them to people in this neighbourhood; and guess what, I got five divorce cases.”
You don’t have to market yourself on Valentine’s Day but certainly express your love for the most cherished ones; not only your lover(s) but also your close relatives like parents and siblings. And as far as your beloved(s) go, it doesn’t matter how old you are or how old they are for love, true love, remains evergreen. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
“You have fallen in love over many years,” says Osho, “Then it did not work. You tried to get out of it as if you were climbing out of a slippery ditch. It never worked. It is so childish. As a teenager, you fell in love. What happened? Did you get your love for ever after? Most likely, you two drifted away. Again and again. You always had a heart break, a pain that refused to go away despite the passage of time.”
Enough of that! Now try as Osho says, rise in love. Rising in love is beautiful, and getting out of it is very easy, because that will be falling down. Falling down is easy, keep it for the next step; for the first step, always use rising.
“Rising in love means a learning, a changing, a maturity,” adds Osho, “Rising in love ultimately helps you to become grown-up. And two grown-up persons don’t quarrel; they try to understand, they try to solve any problem. Anybody who rises in love never falls from it, because rising is your effort, and the love that is grown through your effort is within your hands. But falling in love is not your effort.”
Love has to be more than a physical relationship. Unless you are attuned mentally, you can come closer emotionally; and finally, when you become soulmates, then you rise in love.
You merge with the other when in deep love. “In love one plus one becomes one, not two. In deep love, the twoness disappears. Mathematics is transcended: it becomes irrelevant.
In deep love, two persons are no more two persons, they become one. They start feeling, functioning, as one unit as an organic unity, as one orgasmic joy.”
Then they need not talk and declare their oneness. The chattering mind drops for some time and there is absolute silence.
Then they interact silently; thus, this greeting has three blanks to make it interactive for the recipient. For the two-way communication, the recipient fills in the blanks and sends it back. So, here’s inviting you, dear reader, to find and send three words for these blanks.
End note – Your greeting becomes personalized if you write it in calligraphy (the art of beautiful handwriting). By starting with the her/his name in your greeting you touch her heart like no roses or chocolate can match.