By Sahil Gadhavi
Gratitude is a positive emotion which builds happiness. A gratitude visit to an old age home or to engage in a charity of to be give some of your wealth for philanthropy.
Social media or so to say the technology is helping us to do it more effectively and generously. Most of us today feel a bit more responsible to give back to the society in any form, either by helping a needy or helping in cause which is important to society at large. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Now there are over 4 billion internet users and out of them, over 3 billion are on social media platforms of one kind or another. It has literally changed the way we perceive things. Technology is good as long as you know to use it right. You can use it for good such as promoting charity and philanthropy or you can sell sex on net. Materialism though is rising but some section of people are learning to use the social media and power of net to enrich lives of others for a positive impact and create happiness over all.
Social media is enabling huge movements of people, marches, demonstrations, crowdfunding, etc. It has made possible for people to come together under a banner that they care about or affects their lives and do something about the way they think it needs to be fixed.
Now, people can get their innovative ideas funded by other people, by putting them up on websites such as kickstarter. Before this, the only option someone had to make their dream a reality was to go to a bank and put up their life’s savings or valuables up for mortgage. People who have serious health problems which cost a lot of money to cure can ask for help on social media and often get a lot of support, both financial and emotional, when people see their plight.
People are even taking to social media to create a better living condition for homeless people, a segment of society largely ignored all over the world. Homeless people are often the weakest link of any society and instead of helping them to live with dignity, society and governments do their best to ignore them and shove them out of sight. Well not any more. On social media, there are several movements to get people to come together with blankets and other necessities for the cold winter ahead.
These are all excellent examples of human generosity. It is proof that we do care. It is just all the distractions that social media comes with, that get in the way. It is a testament to our humanity that something that can be so incredibly destructive, we are using constructively. While there will always be misuse of any and all technology, the fact that we persevere in our efforts to do good is what redeems us.
If you want to do something too, just look up popular charitable hashtags and organizations that work to help others. It is easier than ever!