There is nothing more valuable than meditation. The people who have not tasted meditation are the poorest in the world. They may have all the riches, but they are still beggars because they have not yet known the real treasure – the treasure that cannot be destroyed by death, the treasure that cannot be taken away from you, the treasure that you are.

We are carrying an inexhaustible treasure of diamonds but we are not exploring it. We have completely forgotten to explore our own inner world. We have become too obsessed with the outside. We have become so outwardly, so extrovert, that not only do we not explore the inside, we don’t believe that there is any inside. That’s why people say there is no soul, no God. In fact they are saying there is no interiority to man. They are saying there is no interiority to existence. They are talking nonsense because the outer cannot exist without the inner, nor can the inner exist without the outer.