The moment you know your supreme self, you become an emperor. Before that, you remain a beggar. Self-knowledge makes you aware of your kingdom for the first time. The kingdom is not of the outside. All outside kingdoms are false, they are sandcastles, or houses made of playing cards: at any moment they can disappear. Just a little breeze is enough to destroy them.

But there is another kingdom too, the kingdom of the within and that is the true kingdom, the true treasure. To know it is to possess it. The very knowing is its possession.

It is ours, we have just forgotten about it. It is not lost, simply forgotten; hence religion is basically nothing but a remembrance. Meditation, prayer and all other techniques are just a help to remember who you are. The moment you have remembered, recognized your reality, you don’t have any desires because all is fulfilled. All that you ever needed is already available. Existence has given it to you from the very beginning. Existence does not make beggars, it only makes emperors.