The moment you are ready to risk for that which is invisible, for that which is beyond words, beyond logic, beyond mind, for that which can never be measured, for that which can never be reduced to a system, you are taking a quantum leap. The mind will call it madness, but that madness is real sanity. That madness is the most precious phenomenon in existence.

It is because of a few mad people that humanity has not lost contact with godliness. A Buddha here, a Jesus there, a Mohammed somewhere else — just a few people, but they remained in contact with existence and through them the whole humanity has remained in contact with existence. Sannyas means taking the jump into the unknown, into the immeasurable, into the unbounded. It needs courage because the boat is very small and you are going into the infinite ocean. But even if you are lost in the infinity of the ocean, you will have gained. Even if you are drowned in it, you will be gaining not losing, you will be resurrected. You will attain a higher plane of being.

Those who go on clinging to the shore, so afraid of the ocean that they deny, say, “There is no ocean at all. This is all imagination — poetic, mystic imagination. There is no ocean, this shore is all,” may live in a little comfort, in a cozy, small world of their own, but they are losing every moment. They are losing the great opportunity of growing up, of becoming mature, of going beyond death, of entering existence.