Man has lived at war too much. Outside he fights with others, inside he fights with himself, as if he knows only one way to live and that is fighting. In the name of politics, fight with others; in the name of religion, fight with yourself. This is why we have created misery. Fighting cannot bring peace. One has to learn how to drop this old pattern of constant fighting.

My approach is that of nonresistance, of no fight. No fight is needed because this is our existence, we are part of it. It is not inimical to us, it is not against us, it is not going to devour us. It has given birth to us, it nourishes us, it is very friendly, very motherly. Your body is your friend and your mind too — you just have to know how to use them.

Let this be your foundation: outside, be friendly with existence; inside, be friendly with everybody — with yourself too, which is the hardest. People don’t love themselves. That is the last thing they ever do. It is easy to love the enemy; it is very difficult to love yourself. You know yourself too well — how can you love yourself? But the person who can love himself can love all. Love thyself, and you are bound to love your enemies and everybody else. If you can love yourself, you have fulfilled the basic condition of love. Out of that love arises peace, and peace is the door from which we start having our messages of godliness.