Love and meditation have always been separated by the so-called religions – not only separated and divided, but almost made as if to be opposite to each other. For centuries, religions have been teaching people: “If you love, you will miss meditation, so drop out of all love relationships. Move into a monastery, remain a bachelor, become a monk.” The word monk means living alone; the word monk itself means one who lives alone, unrelated to anybody. From the same root come words like monopoly, monotony, monogamy. “Become a monk or become a nun. Avoid love, escape from love, only then can you attain meditation.” This has been the teaching for centuries. Or, if you want to move into the dimension of love, then forget all about meditation.

So the world has been divided by religious people; they have created a kind of schizophrenia. And the problem is that man needs both and he cannot be contented with one. It is impossible to be contented with one. There is a certain need for love and there is a certain need for meditation too.