Life is always new, mind is always old. Life is never old, mind is never new. Hence they never meet, they can’t meet. Mind moves backward, life moves forward. So those who try to live life through the mind are simply doing something so utterly stupid that they day they recognize what they have been doing to themselves, they will not be able to believe that they could have been so stupid, so ridiculous, so absurd.

Life can be known only by state of no- mind. That’s what meditation is: putting the mind aside, being without thoughts. Just being silent – not even a single word moves in the mind, no traffic, all is empty, quiet, still. Then suddenly you are   in contact with life and you know its tremendous freshness, its liberating freshness. That is godliness, that is nirvana. To live life in its totality, to know life in its absolute freshness is to be blissful, is to be peaceful.