Man has to be absolutely empty, only then is the space created for God to descend in him. And we are so full of rubbish, so full of junk: even if God wants to enter he will not find any place inside. Our cups are full. Not even a single drop more can be contained. We have to empty the cup completely. This is the whole process of sannyas: emptying yourself of all thoughts, desires, memories, hopes, expectations – just a process of emptying.

The moment you are absolutely empty and you don’t see anything inside of you, suddenly all becomes light. Suddenly thousands of flowers open in your being. You become full of fragrance and music, a music that has not been heard before, a fragrance that is not of the earth. And you are liberated in that experience, liberated from life, liberated from death, liberated from time itself. You become part of the eternal flow of existence.