We have been taught to be enemies of existence, we have been taught life-negative ideologies, and it has been done for so long that it has become part of our blood, bones, marrow. We don’t love life, we have it, and the so-called religions have been teaching people that life is a punishment, that you are punished for the original sin.

Life is not a punishment, it is a reward, it is a gift. Befriend it totally. The moment you start befriending life you will be surprised by how beautiful it is, how poetic it is, how musical it is. Once your idea of negating disappears and something positive settles inside, a secret door opens, life starts revealing its mysteries to you. Those mysteries can be revealed only to friends; they cannot be made public. Only when you are in deep, intimate relationship with life does it open its heart to you. In that very opening, one comes to know what truth is, what bliss, what existence is.