Modern man is the first man in the history to have no idea of sacredness, to be living a very mundane life. He is interested in money , power , prestige , and he thinks that is all is such a stupid notion.

His life is surrounded by small things, very small. He has no idea of anything bigger than himself. He has denied God, he has said that God is dead. He has denied life after death, he has denied life within.  He believes only in denying the center. He believes only in the superficial; he believes in the circumference, but goes on denying  the center, hence we see such boredom all around. It is natural because without something bigger than you to relate to, your life is going to be tedious, boring. A life becomes a dance only when it is an adventure. And it can become an adventure only when there is something higher than you to achieve , to reach .

The sacred simply means that we are not the end, that we are only a passage; that everything has not already happened, that much has yet to happen. The seed has yet to sprout and the sprout to become a tree. That tree has to wait for spring and to explode into thousands of flowers, releasing its soul into the cosmos. Only then will there be fulfillment. And the scared is not far away; we just have to start asking about it. In the beginning, of course, we are groping in the dark, but soon things start falling in tune. Soon we start having glimpses of the beyond, an unheard music starts to reach our hearts: it stirs our being , it gives us new color, new joy, a new life.