The morning is never far away; it simply needs the heart to open and to sing a song of welcome, and it is there. It is just waiting for you to sing your heart out. The moment you start dancing, the sun cannot resist the temptation to come up on the horizon.

I sometimes feel that if one day all the birds decide not to sing, the sun will not rise. For what? If all the trees decide not to open their flowers, “Let the sun come first,” the sun won’t come . There has to be an inner connection, it cannot be a one-sided affair. It is not only that the sun rises and the flowers open and the birds sing – no. Vice versa is also true: the flowers open, the birds sing and the sun rises. It has to be two-way.

Life is always interdependent. The poets have felt it. Tennyson said, “If I could understand a single flower, root and all, then I would understand the whole universe.” And he is right – but in the poets this has only been a feeling. Mystics have seen it, experienced that this is so.