Man has raw energies. They have to be refined, and then the same raw energies which ordinarily create misery, darkness, despair, start creating great bliss, great celebration. They are the same energies, they just have to pass through a subtle process of meditation, just a little refinement.

For example, the sun has the same light as the moon. In fact the moon has no light of its own – it simply reflects the sun’s light – but you can see the difference is tremendous. The sunlight is harsh, aggressive, hot, violent, fiery. The same light reflected by the moon suddenly becomes cool, soothing, peaceful, serene.

You can look at the moon for hours but you cannot look at the sun. If you look, it will burn your eyes, it will destroy the subtle nervous system of your brain. But the moon is very soothing, nourishing. The moon’s light is basically no different, but it has passed through the moon.

Meditation is like the moon: it transforms the energy of lust into love, anger into compassion, greed into sharing, aggressiveness into receptivity, ego into humbleness. Moonlight represents something very significant because you have to pass through the same process, from the sun to the moon, from the extrovert toward the introvert, from the outgoing into ingoing. And then miracles start happening, unbelievable miracles start happening. One may have never dreamed, never imagined that such beauties were possible. Then for the first time one feels thankful to existence and prayer arises naturally.