We know love that is momentary. One day it is there, another day it is gone. Its very momentariness shows that it is not real love; it is something else masquerading as love – maybe lust, a biological urge; a psychological need, the fear of being alone, an effort to remain occupied with the other, an endeavor to fill one’s emptiness in some way or other. It can be a thousand and one other things but it is not love. If it is love… The most essential quality of love is its everlastingness.

Once you have tasted the eternity of love, the timelessness of love, you are transformed. Then you are no longer a part of the mundane world; you enter the world of the holy, the sacred. Of course you go on living in the same ordinary way. In fact, you become more ordinary than you ever were before. You lose all pretensions, all ego trips. You forget all about your being somebody, you become utterly ordinary.

But in that ordinariness there is a glow, a grace, a beauty, a great splendor. You are full of light because you are full of love, you are full of joy because you are full of love. You are always ready to share because you have stumbled upon an inexhaustible source. You cannot be miserly anymore.