Remember again and again: seeing the sky, know that you are also the sky; seeing the stars, know that the stars are within you. You are within the sky, the sky is within you. Slowly, slowly, your whole gestalt will change and in that new gestalt small problems can’t arise, they become ridiculous.

Somebody has insulted you – now can anybody insult the sky? If you spit on the sky, the spit will fall upon you. It is absurd, it is ridiculous. The person is stupid, that’s all. You will feel compassion for the person, you will not be angered by his insult.

That’s how the real man of religion passes through life: unaffected, calm, cool and tranquil, centered and rooted in his being. Nothing can make him waver, not even death, because even death cannot take anything away from him. He has dropped all that can be taken away and he has become one with that which is eternally abiding.