Go in. Rest in your own being and slowly, slowly, as the rest becomes deeper, as your relaxation starts becoming a settled phenomenon, when nothing distracts you, when you become the center of a cyclone, then bliss arises. And of course, a blissful person is a blessing to the world, just as a miserable person is a curse to the world.

If one can remember only that one is divine, it is enough of a meditation. If it becomes a constant remembrance just like an undercurrent in you, then nothing else is needed. And it is only a question of remembering that you are divine. When you remember that you are divine, you naturally remember that everybody is divine. You can be divine only if everybody else is divine. You can be divine only in a divine existence. We are part of one organic unity.

So remember it as often as possible. Let it become like breathing and it will reveal many mysteries to you. When you are looking at people, remind yourself they are all divine, and the same with the trees and the rocks and the stars. And when you start feeling surrounded by thousands of divine forms, naturally it becomes impossible to be miserable. One simply feels as if one is flying. One becomes weightless, one starts growing wings. That is your meditation; that is your prayer.