Praise the beauty that surrounds us all, but of which we are unaware. Praise the sunrise, the sunset, the stars, the clouds, the trees, the people, because they are all manifestations of existence.

Become a song of praise. Look with the eyes of praise. Drop being critical; being critical is a sure way of missing all that is significant.

Be creative, don’t be critical. And one can be creative only if one knows how to praise. Out of that very praise, creativity arises. You start sharing your being. And when you see the beauty, the splendor of existence, you would like to make it a little more beautiful. Just a little more. That’s how creativity is. It is an effort to make life a little more beautiful, just a little more.

That’s how creativity is born. It is an effort to make life just a little more beautiful, to bring a little smile, a little laughter, a little joy, a little love into existence, to leave existence a little better than you found it. That’s what creativity is all about – helping, contributing, to beautifying existence. And that is true worship.