Real praise comes out of understanding how much existence has given you. It comes out of the experience of the beauty that you are surrounded by: the stars, the sun, the moon, the flowers, the rainbows, the clouds, the people. Your very own being, this whole miracle, this whole mysterious universe, has been given to you. You have not deserved it; it is a sheer gift, but you have not even thanked God for it

When you become aware of this tremendous gift, a great praise arises in your heart. That praise asks nothing. In fact, it is a thankfulness, a gratitude: it is prayer. Then it has tremendous beauty. Only such praise is religious, only such praise is prayer. You are in no way trying to use God, you are simply thanking him for all that he has already done.

You are simply saying, “I am not worthy of it. You have given me so much I cannot contain it. Your love is great.” This praise arises in the heart like a perfume and starts rising toward the heavens. And this is the only prayer that is ever heard, no other prayer reaches God.

The miracle is that only such a man will be showered with more and more bliss — although he had not asked for it. His gratitude makes him capable of receiving more makes him capable of absorbing more beauty, more joy, more music. His whole being becomes a garden of flowers.