The Song of Solomon is one of the greatest songs that has ever been com posed, ever been uttered. But it is one of the most misunderstood songs too. Christians particularly are embarrassed by it. It is part of the Old Testament and they are incapable of comprehending its meaning. They are afraid, very afraid, because it talks about beauty, love, joy- and their idea of religion is that of sadness. The cross seems to be perfectly fitting for them, but a Rose of Sharon, a beloved, and a song of love seem to be too materialistic, too worldly. So no Christian commentary exists on the Song of Solomon. Jews are a little more earthly, but even they feel embarrassed because the symbols being used are of love.

My own experience is that love is the only word that can describe something of the divine. The meeting of two lovers is the only experience that can say something about the indescribable, of the indefinable; that can at least indicate, give a hint of the tremendous ecstasy that happens when an individual merges with the whole. It is like two lovers merging into each other, it is a deep embrace of love. Of course it is far greater, far more profound; it is qualitatively different, on a different plane than that of ordinary lovers. But ordinary lovers come closer to it than anything else. No cross can come close to it.

For me, the Song of Solomon is the most beautiful part of the Bible, of the old and the New Testaments but it needs a totally new vision to explains it.