Nandita Kochar
Watching your kids make their own decisions can be initially hard for a parent but it’s an essential. Here are a few guidelines about how to do it. 
Do Not Overwhelm Them 
While kids do like to have a say in things, they feel safer when parents provide structure in the family and make key decisions. Asking them to make too many or too big choices can overwhelm them big time. And whenever you ask them to pick, stick to two to three choices for them to be able to make a decision. 
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Stay Consistent
If you let your daughter pick a dress for herself a few times, she would want to do that again. And if you stop her, she might resist or create trouble for you. You might see this as your child being uncooperative but the child is just asking for you to remain consistent on some matters. 
Please remember that for a child everything in this world is new and changing. Consistency is the thing that provides a child with some sense of grounding, of security. 
Let Them Help You
If your child is having trouble taking charge then ask him to help you. Like when it comes to fixing the shed or watering plants or a simple math problem, ask your kids for assistance. You asking your child for his help will let him know that you trust him to do the job and thus, boost his confidence. 
Thank Your Child
If your child is able to make a decision about which extracurricular to take, praise him. If she is able to help you organise the bookshelf, thank her. If they are able to do their homework on their own, appreciate them.
Be their motivating force. Reinforce positive behaviour.