BEST 7-Day Meditation Retreat in Thailand (Dhammakaya Meditation Retreat DMR)

BEST 7-Day Meditation Retreat in Thailand (Dhammakaya Meditation Retreat DMR) For anyone out there looking to get away and join a 7-day meditation retreat, I highly recommend coming to Thailand to learn from the best. Here you will be guided by experienced Buddhist monks who will teach you the proper technique of meditation that is easy to use and follow. Meditation should NOT be painful or stressful. Whether you are a beginning meditator or experienced meditation practitioner, the guidance and instruction from the experienced Buddhist monks will help you to cultivate a strong meditation practice. ABOUT DMR The Dhammakaya Meditation Refuge (DMR) is a nonprofit organization that provides simple, yet profound, meditation training for all levels. DMR can be seen as the school of self-transformation, accessing wisdom through the art of meditation. DMR offers meditation retreats, instructor training, introductory courses, and educational resources. DMR supports over 100 meditation branches worldwide and serves as a hub for individuals and providers looking to transform through the practice of meditation. Join the next retreat: ____________________________________ FREE Video-Led Meditation Retreats: