An important part of intuition and mindfulness is the ability to listen.

When was the last time you actually listened to the sounds that are taking place around you, rather than just heard the sounds? Listening is different from hearing. Hearing is an ability to perceive sound. It is a passive experience. In contrast listening is a conscious awareness of sound; listening is an active experience.

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Most of the time you are surrounded by a range of environmental noises, most of which barely register in your awareness. Much like the noise inside your mind, external noises chatter on in the background and form the backdrop to your life.

Stop and notice some of the sounds around you right now; cars passing by a plane overhead, the sound of someone talking in the next room, the bird outside. Or may be just the sound of your breathing.

Let the sounds you hear anchor you to the present moment,. There’s no need to judge what you hear or analyses the sounds, just listen. Stay with the sounds. This is all about being “here and now” nothing more. This simple mindful listening exercise can really open up your awareness to a whole new level of silence within you.

Developing  your awareness through mindful listening can help you be more aware of the thoughts, experience and events that are happening in the present moment.

It can also help you interact with other people to minimise misunderstanding and build empathy. Mindful listening also help you to manage situations with other people more effectively.

Mindful Listening is your key to open yourself to new possibilities.