If you were not too young and you bought a flash car or may be even got a tattoo for the first time, it used to be  completely ‘legal’ to think that you were going through your midlife crisis.
But the new studies reveal that there is no such thing as midlife crisis. We actually are happier in our mid 40s than we were at 18.
Conventional wisdom for the past half a century has been that our happiness follows a U-shape curve, punctuated by a low point that we’ve come to know as the mid-life crisis. But now the experts claim that  happiness does not stall in midlife, instead it increases gradually from vlog our teens and early twenties and into middle age.
The researcher also claims that his study is far more reliable than the studies that came before it. This is because previously the research has been cross-sectional studies, where a group is asked about their happiness at one point in time. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The new study is a longitudinal study, where people’s happiness is measured over time, meaning they were able to see how they change as they get older, he added.
The team followed two groups – one of Canadian high school seniors from ages 18 – 43 and the other a group of university seniors from ages 23 – 37.
Both showed happiness increased into the 30s, with a slight downturn by age 43 in the high school sample. After accounting for variations in participants’ lives, such as changes in their relationships and employment, there was still a rise in happiness after high school and university in both groups.
They found happiness rises fastest when people are between the age of 18 and well into their 30s.