Once a student asked Dalai Lama about the source of happiness.
Dalai Lama looked around and waited for the answer to come from the community of students itself. When no one came forward, he called out,”Money!”
After a few seconds he said,” Sex!” And then,”Nightclubs!”
His joke brought down the house.
Then he explained how when we see the world through a materialistic lens, we look to such sensory stimulation as the source of satisfaction or joyfulness. But focusing only on sensory delights leaves us perpetually dissatisfied, because such pleasures are short-lived. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The aim of life should be to create as much happiness as we can and as little misery in the world around us.
Our aim in life should be to create more happiness and less unhappiness in the world around. That means to help  create happier neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and communities.
While working through our life, doing our daily routine, tending to mundane; we tend to forget the basic requirement of a happy and fulfilled life. We tend to get caught in the rat race to earn more and more money.
Although it’s not disputable that we all need a certain amount of money to run our lives but when we become a complete tool to earn money by any possible means and forget the finer details of life, we forget to be happy in life.
Happiness is the essence of a good life. Unless we lead a meaningful and happy life we can not create a good and constructive environment around us. Unless we do that we continue to live from one target to another and none of these targets bring any happiness or joy to our lives. We continue to live a meaningless hollow life.  
As Dalai Lama had pointed out we need to sit back and understand the need of our inner being. We may think that these sensory pleasure trips can bring happiness to our lives but to sustain a meaningful and joyous life we need to resort to our inner choices of mindfulness.
This awareness about the real meaning of life can be awakened by understanding the state of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the tool that can help achieve an understanding of life’s finer details.
This mindfulness will bring actual happiness and the much sought after joy to our lives that we can sustain throughout and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.