This 25-year old Bangulurian Anil Shetty is on the mission happiness, a mission of peace. He has decided to institutionalize his concept by floating peace clubs in college campuses, starting in Bangaluru. His aim is to nurture the basic human values of students and to reduce the negativity, spread cheer and bring joy to the young of the world.
For Anil peace is a passion. Shetty’s first peace club’s in Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology in Bangaluru has got appreciation both from the students and teachers. There are more than 3.7 lakh followers for this club on Facebook.
Anil’s team is trying to create a mascat for peace like a superman or Spiderman. If someone wants to send a sorry mail to their friend, the animated character of peace will carry the message through mail on behalf of the user. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Besides, he is also mulling starting a Peace Cafe where peacekeepers can work as volunteers. It would be different from any other restaurant. Here people should come to share their happiness. They can also work as volunteers in the shop and share their life experiences and record their messages for peace.
Born in the tiny hamlet of Shankara Narayana near Udupi in coastal Karnataka and studied in Kannada medium schools throughout, Anil actually learnt to speak in English at the ripe age of twenty. A motivational speaker as well Anil  dropped out of his engineering vlog studies to start out on his own.
Getting young people interested in the political process is another passion of him. He’s now started the White Rose campaign to encourage youngsters to vote in elections.
“If you want a peaceful nation, you need to vote and elect the genuine candidate. We are reaching out to college students across Bangaluru. If they are first time voters, we will take a pledge from them they will vote in the upcoming elections in Karnataka. After they sign the pledge, we will give them White roses. By this we can create awareness among at least one lakh new voters. It can be replicated nationwide,” he adds.