Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari
In this series of Self Management you are learning the different aspects of self management. So far you have learned about Daily Morning Practice and Breathing and Meditation for self management.  It is pertinent to understand that self management is hugely different to self control. If you are in self management you do not need self control. In journey of learning self management, managing positive thoughts is of great importance. Our mind starts working the moment we come into this world and it chatters all the time till we are alive, the art is to manage positive thoughts for your sustained happiness. Therefore enjoy reading about managing positive thoughts in this part of self management. write to me your comments or questions in the comment box below the article on this page. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Positive Thoughts for Self Management 
We cannot transform negativity with negativity. When we are reactive, we are already angry. With anger and negativity, we cannot trigger positive energy in others. Try to understand the cause of the other person’s negative behavior. If we approach the situation with acceptance, openness and appreciation, then we can help those who are negative to see the value of being more positive.
We don’t always have to discuss our concerns then and there. Wait for the right time. A friendlier situation might allow us to raise the issue and address the cause with more ease and harmony. Rather than imposing, wherever possible, create an energy field more conducive to a negative person being able to be open to the positive.
To be authentically positive, to be genuinely in service to the other person and the situation, is to be a source of light. Generating the energy of joy, understanding, and appreciation in the workplace and at home is the greatest source of accomplishment.