Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari
In the previous parts you have learned the different aspects of Self Management. I am attempting to tell you about recognising the true purpose of work. Which surely creates well being in self management.
Recognizing the True Purpose of Work
Our day-to-day activities or work can be the means of self-discovery. We are constantly seeking and searching for our self within. Work is not just work. It is a tool for reaching higher planes of conscious awareness. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The purpose of work is to scale new heights of insight and wisdom while engaging in the mundane, routine materialistic dimensions of life. Become conscious of the purpose of our work and ambitions, so that they match the aspirations of your spirit.
Treat the workplace as a working environment for the spirit. We spend so much time there interacting with others’ thoughts and actions. These energies create patterns in our own thoughts and emotions, for good or ill. We become more conscious of our own thinking, our own emotions, our own actions and reactions.  If we always move toward the highest possible ground, there will be a quantum, qualitative change in our own thoughts and actions. We come to see that our workplace is providing us with the opportunity to elevate our entire life. The more positively anchored we are, the more creativity and productivity we will be able to generate around us.
Ego clashes in the workplace can become open and reactive if the culture is not one of tolerance and perseverance. We can always be a positive trendsetter and try to be positive in the midst of the negativity. We relax, do our part, keep our heart open to the universe and allow the egos to play out their games. We do not have to get caught up in them.
We are here to be free of the mind’s conditions, not to be the slave of a negative work field. The universe is our ultimate boss, our ultimate teacher in how to transcend negativity.