Oops! You did it again. Why do all the mistakes come your way? Why can’t you do something perfectly for once? And there comes the train carrying all your previous mistakes! Why did you ever think to yourself that you could be anything but your mistakes? Why did you even try to improve? There was and is no point in trying to find your way out of the tunnel.

And with despair, doubt and self-loathing in both your hands and with your mistakes surrounding you, you sit there in complete silence.  Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

But what if you tried a different approach, each time you committed a mistake? What if you told yourself a few other things?

For starters, how could you have known that it would be a mistake, in the first place? We have so little information about the world and our own selves that leading a clean slate life is unrealistic, or rather impossible. With such few tools in our hands, we are bound to fall down one time or the other in our friendships or relationships or work life. The point is not whether or not we’ll mess up but how badly we will because failure, my friend, is inevitable.

Next, others won’t have made the same mistakes as we did. As much as one would like to be tortured by this thought, one should also realise that we all come with our own distinctive baggage. And what this baggage contains makes up specifically prone to not doing well in certain areas where others might win and equipped to doing well in areas where others might not.

You could also try changing the narrative. Instead of joining this mistake to the thread of all your previous ones, you could treat it as a separate entity and see it for what it is. And then deal with it. One at a time.

And don’t even bother thinking about how perfectly well lit the lives of others are because while you spend your entire life with your own self, you do not even spend a dot-sized part of this time with these other people. You don’t know their sadness, frustration, anger and despair as well as you know yours. You might see them once a week or once a month or maybe once in months and based on that you might judge their entire life so far. Where you get a dot, you make an entire sketch out of it. Is that even realistic? So why not instead focus on yourself, someone you spend every second of the day with. 

Let’s for once try to be honest to ourselves about our idiocy, about the reality of our fragile selves. And even though we’ll find some pain in the beginning but later on this honesty might give us the release we’d been begging for all this while. 

Like they say, “the more you resist, the more it persists!” So the next time you happen to make a mistake, acknowledge, accept and act better next time!